Mala BBQ Spice Powder
Mala BBQ Spice Powder
Mala BBQ Spice Powder


Mala BBQ Spice Powder

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Category: Chilli

Quantity: 1000

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Mala BBQ Spice



SKU: 9551010380060

Weight(grams): 150

Ingredients: Chili powder, peppercorn powder, cumin powder ,curry powder, onion powder, spices, salt, sugar, seasoning

How to use: Can use as a marinated spices or sprinkle to your grill food.

Suitable For: Any kind of BBQ food or grill food, Chicken, Meat, Fish, Seafood, Sausages, Corn, Frozen food such as clam ,crabs,prawns and etc.

A taste from Chengdu and Chongqing China. 
A full fragrance of spices. Enchance your grill food to a higher taste. 
Just sprinkle it onto your food and enjoy it. Easy and convenient.
Or you may use it with our Mala Seafood Sauce ( can refer to our product list ) to bring it to a higher taste.

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